About Us

Serving the community for over 50 years

We are a community playgroup based in St Christopher’s Church Halls in Lincoln Avenue in Warden Hill. The playgroup has been running for over 50 years. The playgroup is a charity and is run by a committee of parents that are voted in each year at our annual AGM, usually held in May.

We are able to use the two large church halls, outside areas (including an all weather surface at the back of the hall), kitchen and toilets. We also visit the church on special occasions like Harvest festival, Remembrance Day, Christmas and Easter.

Partnership with other settings and schools

We work hard at St Christopher’s to make sure your child gets a good quality pre-school experience. By making good links with your child’s other settings means we are all working together to provide next steps in your child’s learning.

We have good links with Warden Hill School and hold our Wednesday session at the school for the children in their year before school. This gets them used to the school environment and allows them to visit the reception class and teachers.

We also invite teachers from other schools if your child will be attending there. The Play Leader will visit your child’s school during their last term to give the school any useful information about your child and to hand over their Transition record that will be filled in during your child’s time with us.

Partnership with parents

As parents you have the best knowledge of your children so we encourage parents to get involved with your child’s learning journey at Playgroup. We assign each child a key person who we encourage parents to speak with each session, especially when your child first starts. At regular intervals your child’s key person will arrange a 10 minute meeting with you so you can discuss together how your child is progressing and give you the opportunity to look through your child’s folder of observations and photographs. We appreciate that some parents work so we can arrange for this to be in written form or by telephone if you prefer.

We also ask that if possible parents can come in and help us once a term on a ‘parent duty’. This gives you the opportunity to see how we run the session and how your child plays. It also gives us valuable help with things like washing up and tidying up so we have more time with the children.

We are a community playgroup
based in Warden Hill in Cheltenham